Credit Reports and Credit Access

Legal Information

  • Videos: Legal Guide for New Adults

    Ten short videos about emancipation and explaining the responsibilities as an adult involving money matters, credit and loans. Read More

    The Florida Bar
  • Consumer Affairs: Tips on Being an Informed Senior Consumer

    Advice for seniors about signing contracts and debt. Read More

    Florida Legal Services, Inc.
  • Forms: Identity Theft

    Information about identity theft and three interactive forms to complete: (1) a letter to creditor, like a credit card company, telling them about your identity, (2) a letter to a debt collector who is trying to collect a debt that you did not authorize and (3) letter to a credit bureau asking for an investigation and removal from your credit report of things that happened because of identity theft. Content Detail

  • Online Tool to Report and Resolve ID Theft

    Has your identity been stolen? This online tool developed by IdentityTheft.Gov lets you report ID theft, provides you with a recovery plan for how you can resolve the issue. Content Detail

    Federal Trade Commission