Guardianship of a Child

Legal Information

  • A Legal Handbook for LGBT Floridians and Their Families

    A Resource for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender individuals and families. Read More

    Equality Florida & Carlton Fields
  • Click the Local Legal Help menu

    No legal information is available for this topic yet. Please click the tab for Local Legal Help to find your local legal aid or legal services office. Read More

    Florida Legal Services, Inc.
  • Video: A Family Guide to Dependency Court

    The 12 minute video provides an overview of dependency court for parents at the beginning of a case. Read More

    Florida Courts
  • Finding a Missing Spouse or Parent in a Family Law Case PDF

    A list of places to look to find a missing spouse, former spouse, or child’s other parent. Content Detail

    Bay Area Legal Services, Inc. - Hillsborough/Tampa
  • Florida Courts Self Help Information

    This website pages lists self-help centers, free and low-cost legal aid, and contains family law forms to use in a certain family-related situations. Content Detail

    Florida Courts
  • Florida Tuition and Fee Exemption for Students who had Child Welfare Involvement

    Frequently asked questions about college tuition and fee waivers for students who were in foster care, group homes, or adopted from state care. Read More

    Florida Children's First
  • Form: E-Pro se - Proceeding Without A Lawyer

    E-Pro Se is a user-friendly, inter-active Web application, developed by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, that allows self represented (pro-se) litigants to prepare court documents and forms electronically. The program gathers necessary information through an on-line interview and then uses the information provided by the user to create documents that may be filed with the Court. All forms are printed legibly in a document format organized to provide the court with essential information about the type of claim the filer intends to present for resolution. Self-represented litigants are able to use E-Pro Se to create documents required for civil rights complaints. In the near future, packets will be available for Social Security and employment discrimination complaints. Content Detail

    US District Court Middle District of Florida
  • Form: Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member

    Use this resource to help you prepare all the forms you will need for your Pro Se Petition for Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member for Florida. It will create All Forms to Obtain Temporary Custody by Extended Family Member where there are no complicated facts or legal issues. Read More

    Community Legal Services of Mid-Florida, Inc. - Daytona Office
  • Legal Definitions for Family Law and Domestic Violence Cases

    This document contains definitions for legal words often used in domestic violence and family law hearings. Content Detail

    Women's Law Initiative