Guardianship of an Adult

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  • Videos: What is Guardianship

    Seven videos describing legal guardianship for an adult who is unable to manage on their own. Read More

    The Florida Bar
  • Form: E-Pro se - Proceeding Without A Lawyer

    E-Pro Se is a user-friendly, inter-active Web application, developed by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, that allows self represented (pro-se) litigants to prepare court documents and forms electronically. The program gathers necessary information through an on-line interview and then uses the information provided by the user to create documents that may be filed with the Court. All forms are printed legibly in a document format organized to provide the court with essential information about the type of claim the filer intends to present for resolution. Self-represented litigants are able to use E-Pro Se to create documents required for civil rights complaints. In the near future, packets will be available for Social Security and employment discrimination complaints. Content Detail

    US District Court Middle District of Florida
  • Legal Definitions for Family Law and Domestic Violence Cases

    This document contains definitions for legal words often used in domestic violence and family law hearings. Content Detail

    Women's Law Initiative