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Bay Area Legal Services, Inc. - Tampa
1302 N. 19th St. (map)
Suite 400
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 232-1343

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Consumer > Bankruptcy

Consumer > Contract and Warranty Problems

Consumer > Credit Reports and Credit Access

Consumer > Debt Collection, Garnishment, Repossession

Consumer > Foreclosure and Predatory Lending

Consumer > Loans, Student Loans, Installment Purchases

Consumer > Public Utilities - Gas, Electricity, Telephone

Consumer > Unfair Sales Practices and Consumer Fraud

Disability > Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Disability > SSI

Domestic Violence > Injunctions for Protection

Domestic Violence > Shelter Resources

Employment > Pension Problems

Employment > Unemployment Insurance

Family Law > Abuse, Neglect and Foster Care

Family Law > Adoption

Family Law > Child Support

Family Law > Children's Health

Family Law > Custody and Visitation

Family Law > Divorce (General) - Contested and Uncontested

Family Law > Divorce - Contested

Family Law > Divorce - Uncontested

Family Law > Domestic Violence

Family Law > Guardianship of a Child

Family Law > Guardianship of an Adult

Family Law > Paternity

Health > AIDS/HIV

Health > Children's Health

Health > Control over health care decisions

Health > Health Insurance

Health > Help with Specific Conditions or Illnesses

Health > Long Term Care

Health > Medicaid

Health > Medicare

Health > Mental Health

Health > More Health Information

Health > Your Rights to Health Care

Housing > Eviction

Housing > Foreclosure and Predatory Lending

Housing > Housing Discrimination

Housing > Landlord and Tenant - Private Housing

Housing > Public Housing and Publicly-Subsidized Housing

Individual Rights > Housing Discrimination

Life Planning > Control over health care decisions

Life Planning > Guardianship of a Child

Life Planning > Wills and Estates

Public Benefits > Children's Health

Public Benefits > Food Stamps

Public Benefits > Medicaid

Public Benefits > Medicare

Public Benefits > Social Security and Social Security Disability

Public Benefits > SSI

Public Benefits > Unemployment Insurance

Public Benefits > Veterans' Benefits

Public Benefits > Welfare/Public Assistance

Seniors > Control over health care decisions

Seniors > Health Insurance

Seniors > Long Term Care

Seniors > Medicaid

Seniors > Medicare

Seniors > Mental Health

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