Going to Court

Going to Court

Learn about how to prepare for court.

  • Information you can read.
  • Videos you can watch.
  • Checklists to follow.
  • Information on where to Get More Help.

Learn About Going to Court

Preparing for Court 

Questions and answers about what you need to prepare for court.


Hearings and Trials 
Some information about hearings and trials including differences between the two. 


Being Served and Serving Papers on Others
Frequently asked questions about how to "serve" papers on another party.


Court Fees and Getting them Waived 
Questions and answer about what to do if you cannot afford to pay the filing fees to a court.


Court Vocabulary 
A list of words that are used in court and what they mean.


Going to Small Claims Court 
Read information about the process from appearing in court to collecting a judgment.


How to Get an Accomodation for Court
FAQ, links and a form to help you ask for an accommodation in court.

Legal Help  

Find your county to locate phone numbers and websites for a self-help center that can help you. Call to find out what types of self-help services are available.  



Court Websites 

Court websites provide instructions, forms and rules that will help you understand the steps in your case and what to expect on your day in court. Find court websites here:  


Many self-help resources talk about the Court rules. The rules discuss everything from deadlines to the size of the paper you need to use to file something in a court. Find the rules for Florida courts here: 


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