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  • Form: Health Surrogates for Children

    This form allows a parent to name another person a “health care surrogate” for a minor child. The health care surrogate can allow doctors to treat a minor in case of an emergency or non-emergency when the parent is unavailable. Read More

    Florida Justice Technology Center
  • SSI and Medicaid for Children

    Information about how children on SSI qualify for Medicaid. Read More

  • Free Legal Answers

    Florida Free Legal Answers is accessible online 24/7, matching qualifying participants with a licensed attorney who can answer questions related to civil law. Topics may include family law matters such as divorce, child support, adoption and name change, as well as domestic violence, bankruptcy, consumer issues, education, employment, housing, workers’ compensation, wills and estate planning. Read More

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  • Legal Definitions for Family Law and Domestic Violence Cases

    This document contains definitions for legal words often used in domestic violence and family law hearings. Content Detail

    Women's Law Initiative